Windy City Seminole Club


Welcome to the online home of the Windy City Seminoles — Chicago’s official Florida State alumni club. Although everyone is welcome to join the fun, an annual membership with the school’s Alumni Association earns you membership with the Windy City Seminoles and all the benefits that come with it.


Hanna Badertscher


Occupation: Attorney
Graduation Year: 2011
Favorite FSU Memory: It’s impossible to pick one, but slip & sliding on Landis Green the first night of freshman summer session C and an impromptu flag football game in Doak the night
Favorite Restaurant/Bar in Chicago: Fish Bar has been one of my favorite go-to restaurants over the years. It’s a laid back seafood spot with a delicious menu; nautical vibe. It’s perfect place to escape Chicago winters and get your seafood fix!

Vice President

Stephanie Marie Calderon

Vice President

Occupation: Account Supervisor at an Advertising Agency (DDB)
Grad year: 2014
Favorite FSU memory: Being at the Rose Bowl when Jameis threw the touch down to win us the National Championship (on his birthday, no less).
Fav Chicago restaurant: This is an impossible question… depends what neighborhood is in question and what cuisine is preferred.
Sports teams: FSU, duh.

Board Member

Chrissy Flintosh

Favorite FSU Memory: Going to the 2013 National Championship
Favorite Restaurant/Bar in Chicago: Revolution Brewery

Cara Becker

Scholarship Coordinator

Occupation: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Graduation Year: 2011
Favorite FSU Memory: befriending the cop in the student section end zone who would save my friends and I front row seats on game day...Go Noles and thank you officer!
Favorite Restaurant/Bar in Chicago: hidden gem with great burgers Swill Inn, house made pimento cheese on it....say no more

Gianna Traylor

Events Coordinator

Occupation: Financial Advisor

Graduated: 2018 – Finance and Marketing

Fondest FSU memory: Living in the Alpha Chi house with my best friends!

Favorite Chicago restaurant or bar: So many factors…but I’d say restaurant: Quaratinos, bar: Celeste Disco or Rooftop Garden, or any hidden gem in Logan Square.

Kelly McGonagil

Events Coordinator

Occupation: Business Performance Advisor

Graduated: 2013 - Marketing and Mangement

Fondest FSU memory: Storming the court after beating #1 ranked Duke in basketball

Favorite Chicago restaurant or bar: So many to choose from, but if I had to pick one, it would be Gibson's Italia

Fred Surville


Occupation: Vice President Sales & Marketing
Graduation Year: 2005, BA, 2006, MSc
Favorite FSU Memory: Palace Saloon on Thursday nights.
Favorite Restaurant/Bar in Chicago: Roister and Country Club

Drew Flintosh


Occupation: Software Engineer

Graduated: 2007

Fondest FSU memory: Working for classroom support at FSU allowed me to ride golf carts around campus and let myself into HCB to play Wii Tennis and Bowling on 100 foot projection screens. And tailgating.

Favorite Chicago restaurant or bar: Monsignor Murphy's - first bar I had a drink at when I moved to Chicago and met a lot of good people that I'm still friends with 10 years later.

Bryan Spurgeon

Game Day Coordinator

Occupation: Attorney
Graduation Year: 2013 - Political Science & History
Favorite FSU Memory: Rushing the court after beating #1 Duke in basketball
Favorite Restaurant/Bar in Chicago: Country Club obviously, but other than that I'd have to say Toons because they have incredible food & drink specials 4 out of 7 days a week

Kate Postle

Occupation: Business Development Manager at Bucom International
Favorite FSU Memory: Every FSU football game, I can proudly say that I never missed a home game!  One of the best one was senior year when we beat Florida at home.
Favorite Restaurant/Bar in Chicago: There are so many! RPM Italian is fabulous. West Loop Parlor Pizza is down the street from me, I go there for the patio and the pizza.  You can find me at Country Club every Saturday in the fall watching FSU football! Go Noles!

Alice Yau

Scholarship Coordinator

Occupation: Benefit Consultant at Humana
Graduation Year: Spring 2014
Favorite FSU Memory: Winning the National Championship my senior year
Favorite Restaurant/Bar in Chicago: I cannot decide! There are so many options but if I had to pick ONE place it would be Velvet Taco!

Trent Modglin

Occupation: Owner and publisher of, a quarterly entertainment magazine in the city
Graduation Year: Classified (OK, if you must know, 1999)
Favorite FSU Memory: Serving as the sports editor of the FSView, which meant getting daily access to Bobby Bowden and the team during a dominating run. Plus, being able to get friends and family on the field at Doak during games was a nice bonus.
Favorite Restaurant/Bar in Chicago: Gene & Georgetti's or Gibsons. They both represent classic, old-school Chicago, and offer up the best steaks you'll find anywhere. Quartino is pretty awesome for Italian-style tapas too. And for drinks, any quality rooftop (Cindy's, Fountainhead) or beer garden (Kaiser Tiger, Parson's, Sheffield's, etc.) that provides an escape from the city.